Welcome to the Magic of Reading with Your Child

The Shelby County Public Library is proud to welcome you and your child to the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program!

For a child to grasp the skills needed to read a book independently, the child first needs to be ready to read. You are just the person to help him or her gain those skills. How? Just pick out a book, get comfortable and read the book with your child. It's that simple.

We are dedicated to giving you some great tips, prizes, programs and a special graduation party for you and your child!  Have questions? Brandy can be contacted at or (317) 398-7121 ext. 230.

Reading Books and Using Your Reading Log

  • All books are intended to be read with your child.
  • As you read the books write their names in the log. You can even note the name of the author and make extra notes to remind you if the book was exciting to your child. This would turn just an ordinary log into a journal to be enjoyed later.
  • As you read 100 books, return to the library and your child will receive a small prize. Then download and print a new log and get more tips to help turn reading a book into "magic."

Where do all the books come from?

There are many places to find books to read to your child. Reread books that you have at home. Pick up a few new books at bookstores or other retailers. On the top of our list... where else... check them out at the library! Any resident of Shelby County can obtain a library card

What kind of books are best for babies and toddlers?

Babies like:

  • Thick sturdy covers and pages
  • Small sizes, for little hands
  • Bright colorful pictures
  • Simple geometric shapes
  • Clear pictures
  • Pictures of human faces
  • Few words
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Babies and baby animals

Toddlers like:

  • Animals, what they see and do
  • Stories with rhyme and rhythm
  • Repeated phrases or repeated happenings
  • Books with sound and texture