shelby county residents

Any resident of Shelby County can obtain a library card for FREE. Library card holders are assigned a unique barcode enabling borrowers to use the computer labs, reserve and access their account online, check out eBooks and audiobooks, and check out materials at the main library, Morristown Branch, and any other Evergreen Library. (complete listing of Evergreen Libraries). *Nonresidential cards are also available. See information below.

There is a $2.00 fee to replace lost cards.

What do i need to bring to the library to get a card?

Stop in the library to get your new library card and key-tag. There will be no charge for the new card, but you must show an approved photo ID that shows your current local address. If your photo ID does not have your current address, you may bring in any of the following items: 

  • valid voter registration card 
  • computer generated bank statement or government notification issued in applicant's name within the last 60 days 
  • computer generated utility, credit card, or doctor/hospital bill issued in the applicant's name within the last 60 days 
  • change of address confirmation from USPS (P.O. Box is not acceptable) 
  • property tax receipt issued in applicant's name.  

nonresidential cards

A person who lives outside of Shelby County may apply for a $40.00 nonresidential card for use of material from this library and any other Evergreen Library (complete listing of Evergreen Libraries). Anyone is also eligible to apply for a Public Library Access Card (PLAC) which enables individuals to use any public library in the state of Indiana for $65.00. 

Approved photo ID and proof of current local address must be shown to apply for PLAC and nonresidential cards. PLAC cards are only available to individuals with a valid home library card from within the state of Indiana. Both types of cards must be renewed every year.