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Become a member.  

Membership dues start at $10/year. Whether you are an individual, family or a business who would like a membership, your contribution helps support meaningful programs and additions to the library. There are no requirements to attend meetings or to volunteer at events. All gifts are tax deductible.

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Want to see great programs and services brought to Shelby County, but don't need another commitment added to your schedule or don't have much extra money... we get it!

Become as involved with the Friends of the Library as you would like or are able. The Friends are a nonprofit organization managed by volunteers. A committee meets four times a year at the main library (officers). These meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of February, April, August, and November. They are a good place to hear about what's going on at the library and to brainstorm about future programs. All members of the Friends have voting privileges.

There are opportunities to volunteer at library events throughout the year and at the upcoming bookstore. If you do not have time that you can give to meetings or programs but would like to help out financially, there are several ways that you can give including by becoming a member.


      make a donation.  

      Donations to the Friends are always appreciated. Special gifts to the Friends go directly toward library programs and additional library needs that fall outside of the general operating budget. All gifts are tax deductible.  



      Make a purchase, make a donation to the Friends. The Friends of the Library are registered with the Kroger Community Rewards Program and AmazonSmile. Every time that you shop with Kroger or Amazon a percentage of your sale is automatically given to the Friends. Click on either for enrollment details.