Shelby County Public Library

William Clark

Tues., October 4 from 2-4pm (Open House)
at the Shelby County Public Library

"Hope and the Approaching Apocalypse is a book that certainly gets one’s attention. William Clark does much more than presenting an apocalyptic belief based on prophecy and science. He weaves the state of the world and society with the facts of prophecy and science to demonstrate a true connection with the upcoming apocalypse.

Over seven years ago, I met Bill Clark where he was the pastor of a local church in Indiana.  I was part of the music program, and even though Bill was the pastor, he also helped with the music.  He is a Biblical preacher, which is indicative in the book.  Bill and I became friends, and we also talked about many situations over lunch and coffee.

We are advised not to read the end of a book first.  It’s like watching only the end of a movie.  After reading each intriguing chapter, Bill emphatically gives a power punch at the end of the book.  The churched and the unchurched will appreciate the message that we should all be prepared. In every chapter you can feel the concern that the author has for the state of the world and for our personal well-being.

If you like to read or listen to the news, you won’t want to put down the urgent messages in Hope and the Approaching Apocalypse."