Shelby County Public Library

Memoir Writing Workshop

WHAT: MEMOIR - A WRITING WORKSHOP SERIES led by Professor Jason Aukerman

WHEN: THURS., SEPT. 8, 15, 22 & 29 from 7-8:30pm (Shelby County Public Library)

COST: FREE (Please register to attend this free event at the library's front desk - 317-398-7121)

  • Are you interested in exploring your past and sharing significant pieces of your life with your friends and family?

  • Do you want to preserve sacred memories of your friends, your children, or your loved ones who have passed on?

  • Perhaps you want to leave a legacy for future generations?

  • Most importantly, are you interested in improving your literacy and becoming a better reader, writer and thinker?

Did you know that improving your writing can help you become a better reader and a better thinker? Writing is an essential part of literacy, but the vast majority of people think of themselves as "poor" writers. The Shelby County Public Library wants to help people in the community improve their literacy, regardless of their current skill level.

Professor Jason Aukerman has taught literacy courses at the college level for a number of years. He has helped hundreds of people improve their literacy through fun and interactive workshops. 

College courses cost students thousands of dollars. The Shelby County Public Library is pleased to bring college-level instruction to community members free of charge. 

Beginning on September 8 at 7 p.m., the Shelby County Public Library will host a series of weekly workshops to help people improve their writing. Jason Aukerman will lead these workshops, using the same methods of instruction that he has used in his classrooms at IUPUI and Olivet Nazarene University. He assures us that these workshops will not focus on grammar, surface-level editing errors, or any other "boring" subjects that intimidate and prevent people from enjoying writing. Instead, these workshops focus on ideas, content, and the best ways to communicate to an audience through our writing. 

These workshops will emphasize a particular genre: memoir. But, even those who are not interested in writing a memoir will learn helpful tips on how to communicate more effectively through their writing.