Shelby County Public Library - Cookbooks

Little Free Libraries are underway in Shelby County!

Little Free Libraries (LFLs) are 'mini libraries' where people can take and leave books on an honor system. It's a worldwide project ( and we hope to see them installed all over Shelby County! 

Please contact Jason Aukerman (317-398-7121 ext. 231) at the library if you would like to get involved in any of the following ways:

  • Help us get Little Free Libraries out into the countyWho do you know that might be willing to build and/or take care of a little library in a rural community? There are many who aren’t able to get to the public library or just haven’t yet discovered the joy of books. We’d like to see these little boxes opening doors to reading in places like Geneva, Flat Rock, St. Paul, Gwynneville, Fountaintown, Fairland, Blue Ridge, Ray’s Crossing, etc… at any rural “crossroad” where people meet or any safely accessible spots that passersby will be welcomed to experience. Provide us with names and contact information or ask your contacts to give us a call.

  • Steward a Little Free Library. If you are interested in seeing a Little Free Library in your neighborhood or in front of your business but don't have the time or resources to build a Little Free Library, contact us. We will try to connect you with one!
  • Build a Little Free Library. If you are a carpenter and would like to design/build a LFL but don't have a location in mind to place it, contact us and we will connect you with some potential location options.
*Money from grant funds for installation and charter packets will be given on a first come, first serve basis to all Shelby County stewards of Little Free Libraries. 

Thank you, Duke Energy, for your generous grant support to make this project a possibility for the Shelby County community!

Morristown Little Free Library

This Little Free Library is installed outside the library's Morristown Branch. Bambi Garrison and her grandpa, Dale Holzhausen, designed and built the 'Readbox.' 

This Little Free Library was designed and built by Annette and Donny Chambers with help from son Ares and praise from librarian Nyla Johnson. The log cabin is open for business 24/7 outside the main public library. Take a book! Leave a book! And help yourself to free information about the real Thomas A. Hendricks cabin, which inspired the this miniature version.

This Little Free Library was designed and built by Al and Diane Taylor, Shanae Dees, and Kent Neeb. It will be permanently installed in front of Three Sisters Books & Gifts so readers have choices even when the store is closed. Beyond function, the little library welcomes visitors and shoppers to The Gallery as well as aba creations on the Public Square where local artists and enthusiasts gather to share, sell and create.